About Me

Brian Kiely’s professional career has been about building community, locally, nationally and internationally. With a collaborative leadership style and excellent communication skills, he has inspired loyalty in a mix of settings.

Presiding at an International Council Plenary session in the Philippines
  • Recognized, successful ministerial career
  • Inspiring natural leader in transitional times
  • Excellent speaker, lecturer and writer
  • Bridge builder, negotiator and mediator
  • Experienced in development and fundraising
  • Ability to clearly see a range of probable outcomes in rapidly changing situations, a critical thinker. 
  • Engaged in the wider community as a volunteer and citizen.
  • Supportive staff manager
  • Unflappable, adaptable and open to change
  • Friendly and accessible, a good listener
Santa at St.Paul’s School

  • Pretty good cook
  • Odd sense of humour
  • Proud Dad
  • Comes with own Santa suit

I like to be engaged and active. I dislike being bored. From time to time I need new challenges to keep me happy. I loved my career as a minister, and kept it fresh through engagement with the community outside the church. I found new interests, new excitement, new ways to share my passions. Symbiotically this kept me fresh in my church work.

Honeymooning in Cuba

On the personal side, I am married to Erica Slevin. Together we have four children in a blended family, one adult severely autistic son living in a group home and three teenaged girls. Then there is the dog and three cats. It’s a busy, fun family life.