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After 30 successful years of professional leadership as a public figure, including an unusually long ministry in Edmonton, I am looking for a fresh challenge.  I seek work that makes use of my accumulated experience in non-profit organizational leadership and as the face of the organization. I have experience in change management, systems management, motivational development, staff mentorship, meeting management, education and fundraising. 

In addition to professional ministry, I have worked extensively as a volunteer in a variety of organizations. I know how to lead effectively.  I welcome responsibility and accountability.  I prefer working collaboratively, building strategies based on input from all levels of the organization.  My leadership style is approachable and collegial.

Congregational leadership demands a unique set of skills.  In addition to preaching and teaching, I manage the day to day activities of staff and volunteers.  Volunteer management requires sensitivity and respect for their needs and abilities.  It also takes a knack for organizing disparate degrees of skill into a smoothly operating business structure.  The Unitarian Church is not a setting where the leader dictates.  Ownership and leadership is shared.  Ministry requires well-honed collaborative skills and an ability to inspire ‘buy in’.  Our people need to understand why they are doing what they are asked to do, and need the chance to safely express feelings and concerns about the task as well as the mission.  Communication is key.

In addition to local leadership work, I have had the benefit of being elected to national and international leadership positions.  These include church related organizations, professional associations and community based bodies. This has rounded out my experience.  I have learned how  different leadership skills can be best applied in varied settings; and I consider my volunteer resume every bit as significant as my professional one.

A career spent working in a variety of settings has helped me fine-tune a flexible leadership style.  I can be directive when necessary and subtle and persuasive when appropriate.

I still love much of the work of ministry but have decided that it is time for a new challenge, something fresh and invigorating. I leave the congregation in a healthy state and have done everything needed to help them transition. It is time for me to try using my skills to benefit a different organization.

Brian Kiely
Hong an Interfaith Housing event at Edmonton City Hall
Captain of the all volunteer Cross Cancer Cycling Team
Presenting an award at the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists in the Philippines
Performing a wedding in the Edmonton Pride Parade
Herman and I out for a walk.

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